Anton Brunberg

Pallet Thief

The world’s resources are limited. So, what to do as a designer? How to still celebrate the pure joy of making and craftsmanship without having to use up the planet’s precious raw materials? ‘Pallet Thief’ is Anton Brunberg’s answer.

He calculated that there are some six billion pallets in circulation worldwide. Most are made of wood. Each year, one percent of those pallets reach the end of their lifespan or are lost. By tapping into this industrial global supply, Anton has found his own natural resource, which provides him with all the materials he needs. Through the humble pallet, he can carry on doing what he loves with a clean conscience.

Pallet wood

A New Son

An exploration of the material qualities of Aluminium by the designer to discover, learn and add value to what is thought of as a mundane material. Through the investment of over 200 hours of hand hammering 75 sheets (200x200mm) of 1.5mm thick aluminium all joined with over 1500 rivets, a bond was created between the craftsman and this humble material.  

This piece captures the meeting between man and material as the curiousness between them grows.

Manual labour allowed the designer to muse over the material to develop a physical connection to painstakingly create the overall form. It celebrates the value of time and the relationship that has formed between designer and material.

Aluminium sheets, Steel tubing and Walnut 

City Safari

The development of new technologies have allowed a new species of explorers to evolve in the form of nomadic desk workers.
To cater for the needs of the modern worker, this desk has been designed and crafted in a way that makes it portable. The legs are removable and can be stored in the back drawers during transportation.

Wood; Zebrano and Wenge with Brass and leather detailing

The Architect

Giving new life to a disposed mangle by extracting the cast iron elements to form a desk and accompanying it with a chair with parts taken from an old book press.

Wood; Birch and Wenge, cast iron and leather

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